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plant displays made from recycled plastic
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recycled plastic plant pots made from recycled mobile phones

You don't have to grow houseplants in a peat based compost. Essentially the compost is just the medium holding the plant up and allowing the roots to pull nutrients through Moisture.

You can throw out the compost, and along with it insects and disease as many Houseplants grow very nicely in a simple 'double pot reservior system'with a nutrient-water solution. Sometimes refered to as passive hydroponics. In hydroculture, clay pebbles rather than compost hold up the plant's stem and roots.





The recycled plastic containers combine a strong environmental message with an evocative and distinct aesthetic appeal, linked to the processing of waste, especially plastics.

The displays are made from a variety of recycled plastics such as used vending machine coffee cups, yoghurt pots and refrigerator linings,underground pipe material (blue from water pipes and yellow from gas mains), crushed CDs & plastic water bottles and banknotes.

recycled plastic plant pot made from plastic gas pipe
recycled plastic bottles

recycled plastic bottles

The bottles are from various UK municipal authority collection schemes. The exact mix will also vary according to the area from which the bottles are collected, fashion in bottle colours, and the season of the year.The manufacturing process produces a characteristic flow patternwhich streaks outwards towards the edges and corners.

recycled plastic coffee cups

recycled plastic cups - charcoal

A hard, rigid sheet made from vending machine coffee cups from the Save-A-Cup scheme,produce a dark charcoal and beige mottled sheet.

recycled yoghurt pots

recycled yoghurt pots

Made from factory reject yoghurt pots together with linings from old refrigerators, to give a terrazzo or stone effect.

recycled cd's and cd cases

recycled cd cases

A rigid, sparkly sheet made from crushed CDs suspended in a transparent blue plastic. The blue was originally those large plastic bottles that dispense cold drinking water in offices and the crushed CDs include illicit ones seized and destroyed by Trading Standards Officers.

recycled plastic water pipe

recycled plastic pipes - dapple

A subtle, semi-translucent sheet looking like charcoal veined Piastraccia marble. It is made from offcuts from gas and water pipes, production scrap from factory's, and old foodstuffs containers.

recycled mobile phones

15 million UK mobiles get discarded each year, and most go to landfill, but At Acorn we convert them into our funkiest displays ever.

recycled mobile phones



recycled materials used

example of what you can have in your offices:

urn desk top plant display

recycled planters and hydroponics


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office plant displays made from recycled cd's and cd cases
aluminium plant display with kentia palm
aluminium plant display with ficus alii
aluminium plant display with weeping fig




All these five displays above installed in your offices on a fully maintained rental basis for only £9.00 per weeK

blue lechuza table display with anthurium